Automation, Commited for a true ROI

Due to constant changes in applications and environment, enterprises are spending too much effort and costs on regression testing.Test automation helps accelerate regression test efforts in a cost-effective manner. Test automation allows 24x7 unattended execution.

Test Automation requires

  • Tool Knowledge, skills and flexible practices.
  • Time spent on creating a test automation framework and methodology.
  • Building a scalable and maintainable regression test suite.
  • Integrating test automation efforts into overall development lifecycle.

Key features of this framework are:

  • Large repository of keywords for a common, scalable knowledge base that promotes reuse of functional libraries.
  • Smart tagging of test cases to allow selection for execution.
  • Dashboard providing visibility into project status, test execution results & analysis.
  • Supports "continuous integration testing".
  • Single point maintenance methodology ensures maintainable test scripts.
  • Allows non-technical users to execute scripts with limited handholding.


Our methodology enables clients to run a complete regression test for minute changes and builds confidence in the quality of the software.