Knowing what to test is only the first step – you need to track test execution and document results as well.

One of our major abilities is to help our customers with the hard decision selecting the right tools for their projects and managing their projects in a maximize way following methodology and market experience.

We identify a huge issue managing Functional and performance project's, in order to build the right project work frame including test plan, Estimation, work plan etc… a lot of experience is needed, our customers enjoy from a lot of experience we gather during the years walk through all the right stages a complicate project consist, more than that we have templates for each project stage. For example, in order to create a complete solution for a performance testing project, it required to follow up some stages, and to make sure the right stages are completed before moving forward with the project.

Test plan - Document template is needed, detail review and most important follow up during the project

Estimation - need to make sure the right numbers involved with the project need following the requirement gather in the test plan stage

Work plan - In order to be able to follow up with the exact project time lines it required to be able to plan with the customer the dates and contribute with the Performance test project abilities

Development and execution - the exact follow up needed at this stage and to contribute with all other Performance team corporate in the Performance project

Final stage - Document template needed and the recommendation for the customer is a by-product of the whole execution stage As mention above a lot of managerial activities needed during a Performance project as well to Automation project...