The guarantee of a clear and transparent methodology

The quality of our competence center is one of our major assets. Our policy advice is based on full integration of our consultants within the team. Our working method is to integrate the testing process at the heart of the information system and the development process of our customers. Developers, testers, but also the management must be involved in this process. The objective is to improve the reliability of applications, control delivery dates developments as well as increase productivity testing process.

 Our approach aims to prepare and to ensure optimal conditions for effective joint collaboration, and more generally to contribute to the growth of your organization.



Our solutions combine organization and methods to form an integrated process. They improve the productivity of testing projects but also overall productivity by increasing the power of detection of defects and reduce the costs associated with the spread of developmental defects.

This is why our charter provides that:

  • TTC is committed to advanced expertise in Quality Assurance performed by a specialist skill center in the various testing activities.
  • TTC capitalized with extensive experience in diverse projects and having a good understanding of customer needs and a functional business vision much appreciated, will benefit its customers.
  • TTC provides frequent reports a TestWare complete transparency and traceability of work.
  • TTC will implement a better sharing of knowledge and a better flow of information.

We will firstly provide you with the appropriate consultant if available and secondly admit an inability to provide the required profile.

Our creed is the right person at the right time and the right place.

We are at your disposal and application providers respect the rules and procedures of your company, motivated and pro-active formed technical testing tools with the best instructors.