The performance testing service offer provides accurate knowledge regarding the limits of an infrastructure and application performance.

 Performance testing for web, business & mobile applications

Testing application performance can be undertaken for all your applications including web, business, mobile, fat/thin client, cloud services. App testing forms a key part of your company’s approach to quality as it contributes to application validation. Application performance tests are executed prior the release of a new service or a new version to ensure it conforms to specification. Thus, such tests allow to confirm:

  • the advantages of the new version,
  • that there is no regression,
  • that performance and availability are at least equivalent to those of the previous version,
  • areas for improvement.


A full application performance testing service

Performance testing or load tests confront the application with the reality of users. And it allows to answer if the application can handle users? Or what if there are several thousand users all at once? Our dedicated consultants with the help of the relevant tools advise customers to determine for example the:

  • response time degradation point,
  • platform’s maximum capacity’
  • platform’s availability degradation point,
  • weak links in the architecture and/or application,
  • platform’s break point and the component at the origin of it


Continuous application performance testing & improvement

TTC-Testing Ltd provides application performance tests as a turnkey service. An experimented consultant assists you throughout the project and applies a rigorous, tried-and-tested method.

Our performance test consultancy offer includes web, mobile, and business applications. In addition to performance testing, we provide consultancy on best practice and method.