Manual testing is ‘alive with new approaches’ By Leah Alger

Interesting article from Leah ALGER on SoftwareTestingNews website


As we all know, the “death of manual testing” has been a key topic discussed at meet up’s, conferences, and in blogs and magazines for years’, and with Microsoft’s Director James Whittakes proclaiming “testing is dead”, you would think this type of testing really has popped its clogs.

Gone are the days when a software tester would ‘test’ his/her own code and send it to production; monitoring systems, delivery systems, artificial intelligence, test automation, continuous integration, microservices and rollback capabilities have taken the spotlight. But does this mean we don’t need, nor want, the helping hand of a manual tester anymore?

“Manual testing covers the most complex scenarios that involve a lot of human judgment and decision making. Machines add value where completing repetitive tasks such as regression, and humans excel in tasks involving experiment, judgment, creativity and wit,” said Dileep Singh Marway, QA Manager at The Economist.

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