Problems with Test Automation and Modern QA by Amir Ghahrai

What are some common problems with test automation in agile and DevOps? Modern Software Development and QA focus too much on test automation and not enough on exploratory testing.

Are we releasing better quality software with more automated tests?

I think not!

I recently came across a post on a social media network that said

What I see in most testing and QA events today is mostly DevOps, Continuous Integration and Test Automation.

Although that is all very nice, I see a lot of crappy test cases being automated.

I see few bugs reported during integration tests and functional tests although they are all automated.

In UAT the users are finding more and more bugs because the test teams fail to identify them in previous phases.

If we do not teach people how to write good test cases we will end up with fully automated …

And my interpretation of … is “crap”. 🙂